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Relax and Unwind in Style on a Vivere Hammock

Hammocks are not only for perfect for taking advantage of lazy summer days; It is also interesting to note that that relaxing on a hammock supports the human body with ergonomic position.   On a hammock, the painful pressure that comes with constant turning for alternate sleep positions is not a concern. Relatively simple, they do… Read More >

How to Properly Clean Glass-Top Patio Tables

Overtime, glass-top patio tables can become grimy from leaves, pollen, twigs, spider webs, insect and bird droppings and other kinds of dirt and debris without regular cleaning. Removal of this debris is essential to prevent the transfer of the dirt and debris to your cloth or skin as well as prevent illness that can occur… Read More >

The Ideal Materials for Patio Umbrellas

Wilma, a mother of twin toddlers, asks: “What exactly is the best material for a patio umbrella? The one that is most durable and long-lasting, as well as one that requires the least maintenance. I’ve been looking online and have found that they come in an assortment of materials. What are the specific and unique… Read More >

Why Choose a Sunbrite TV for Your Outdoor Entertainment

The only time-tested TV in the world designed and made for outdoor entertainment, Sunbrite TV is a true all-weather outdoor LCD TV that delivers superior brightness while resisting the harsh effects of extreme temperatures, UV rays, dirt and insects. Sunbrite TVs have earned a reputation for durability, and have lasted for many years in some… Read More >

Perfect Modern Fountains for Your Indoors

Indoor modern fountains bring the vibrant sound of running water inside the confines of your home. When you have one right inside your home, you can enjoy the pulse of the landscape comfortably while filling your space with calm serenity. Because fountains only require a power sources and come in a wide range of shapes… Read More >

Inspired Outdoor Living with Patio Flooring

  Lisa, a housewife from California, asks: “We have a good amount of space outside our home, and I want to transform it into a living space where we can relax, hang out, and eat. Now, I’m considering using patio flooring. What are my best choices?” Many options present themselves when it comes to the… Read More >

Ideas for Replacing Glass on Patio Dining Tables

Glass patio dining tables are a reliable piece of furniture for the outdoors. They are relatively easy to clean, as opposed to a wooden table that is prone to  warping  and weathering over time. These also look very stylish and are much easier to maintain than most of the other table styles. Here are a… Read More >