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The Modern Fireplace Provides Both Warmth And Beautiful Ambience

The perfect finishing touch to any home is an inviting modern fireplace. If your home does not have a fireplace built into it there are many options available from Home Furniture and Patio for adding one. A fireplace not only provides another heat source in your home but adds a great deal of charm and… Read More >

Outdoor Firepit Planning Essentials

Homeowners were always content with just a wood deck and a barbecue to enjoy their outdoors. Today, outdoor living is all about flower beds, ponds, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits. In fact, the  outdoor patio firepit has become so popular that some builders make them as part of the package for high-end residences. But, of… Read More >

How to Refinish Your Black Fireplace Screen

Brass is an alloy made by mixing zinc and copper. There are so many kinds of brasses that can be made by mixing together different proportions of these two materials. These different brasses also come with different properties. Brass is usually a muted yellow and its similarity in color to gold makes it commonly used… Read More >