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Patio Dining Sets to Suit Your Outdoor Space

The months of spring and summer signal the return of barbecues and enjoying the great outdoors with family and friends. If you are thinking of sprucing up your outdoor area for al fresco dinners in the coming months, a dining set that gives ample table top surface area and comfortable seating is essential. A nice… Read More >

Patio Furniture Legs that Will Define Your Style!

Patio chairs  are typically made up of a back, seat, legs and, at times, arm rests. Chairs come in various shapes and forms, from simple to ornate, and are made from various materials.  With patio chair furniture it is the  leg that gives the most  information about its character – like its style and the… Read More >

Outdoor Firepit Planning Essentials

Homeowners were always content with just a wood deck and a barbecue to enjoy their outdoors. Today, outdoor living is all about flower beds, ponds, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits. In fact, the  outdoor patio firepit has become so popular that some builders make them as part of the package for high-end residences. But, of… Read More >

Garden Accents: 7 Tips for Successful Container Gardening

Even if you do not have a yard or access to a community-garden plot, you can still enjoy a bountiful produce harvest all on your own. Planting a container garden is a great option if you have temporary or limited space. Another plus with using planters for a container garden is that they can be… Read More >

How to Refinish Your Black Fireplace Screen

Brass is an alloy made by mixing zinc and copper. There are so many kinds of brasses that can be made by mixing together different proportions of these two materials. These different brasses also come with different properties. Brass is usually a muted yellow and its similarity in color to gold makes it commonly used… Read More >

Aluminum Patio Furniture Offers a Variety of Options

When we hear the words “aluminum patio furniture,” many people envision  standard, relatively basic pieces that probably look something like your garden variety resort furniture. Many people also associate aluminum furniture with low quality, perhaps a small step up from the flimsy plastic variety often found in discount department stores.   And there is indeed an… Read More >

Aluminum Patio Furniture For A LIfetime of Outdoor Living

Aluminum patio furniture is one of today’s best options to furnish your outdoor living spaces. It is classic and traditional, and gives the look and feel of wrought iron. At the same time, it is modern, lightweight and durable. If you choose aluminum furniture for your patio, you will likely  going to need only one… Read More >