Sunbrite TV

Why Choose a Sunbrite TV for Your Outdoor Entertainment

The only time-tested TV in the world designed and made for outdoor entertainment, Sunbrite TV is a true all-weather outdoor LCD TV that delivers superior brightness while resisting the harsh effects of extreme temperatures, UV rays, dirt and insects. Sunbrite TVs have earned a reputation for durability, and have lasted for many years in some of the harshest climates in North America. These are the choice outdoor TVs for many professional sports stadiums.
Can be used in extreme heat. Sunbrite TVs are designed for permanent outdoor installation in extreme heat of up to 122 degrees F. The TVs feature an internal climate control system made up of temperature sensors and a filtered multi-fan airflow system that quietly keeps the unit cool.
Anti-glare bright LCD panels. In the bright light of the outdoors, you might have a hard time seeing any picture on the screen at all with the glare. This is why the Sunbrite TVs have LCD panels with a high haze factor to help absorb ambient light, making them resistant to this glare.
Protective front screen. This is a special design that ensures that the LCD panel is protected from potential damage. If the outer screen is damaged because of a very strong impact, the protective front screen can be replaced cost-effectively.
Resistant to extreme cold. Sunbrite Pro Series TVs have built in heaters that allow the TVs to operate at temperatures as low as -40 degrees F. Every TV has internal sensors that automatically turn on the heaters and internal fans to allow warm air over the LCD, thus protecting it from damage.
Powder-coated aluminum exterior. The rigid outer bezels give Sunbrite TVs impressive strength and durability. It is specially designed to resist rust and corrosion, making these TVs the default choice for public and commercial venues where extra durability is required.
True outdoor mounting accessories. Having a true outdoor TV that can last for years would be nothing if it falls off a rusty mount. Fortunately, all Sunbrite mounts and installation accessories use only stainless steel or specially treated materials so you do not have to worry about it rusting away.
Check out some of the most popular products from this world-renowned brand:
32″ HD All-Weather Outdoor LCD TV and Integrated Speakers – Resin – Silver/Black or White by SunBriteTV
Designed with a durable all-weather environmental feature-set, the 32″ HD All-Weather Outdoor LCD TV and Integrated Speakers – Resin – Silver/Black or White by SunBriteTV features all-weather outdoor-rated ASA plastic resin exterior protects internal components from rain, dirt, insects and scratches.
32″ TV Outdoor Dust Cover by SunBriteTV
The 32″ TV Outdoor Dust Cover by SunBriteTV is constructed with weatherproof 4-ply polypropylene UV protection fabric. This custom-fit dust cover keeps the TV free of accumulating dirt and dust. And the attached Velcro straps secure the cover in place.
Articulating Wall Mount for 32″ TV by SunBriteTV

Designed with rigid extruded aluminum construction, the Articulating Wall Mount for 32″ TV by SunBriteTV provides smooth tilt, swivel and pan motion, effortless tightening and extreme rigidity. It is Vesa 75/100 compliant and is supplied with stainless steel hardware for rust prevention.