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Today’s High Tech Televisions Deserve Modern TV Tables

Not only do today’s televisions have sharp clear digital images for amazing clarity, they are very lightweight. That makes it possible to redesign the modern TV tables, entertainment centers and floor or wall stands used to hold or display them. No longer do you need to purchase a heavy wooden or steel stand for your large screen television. The right modern media console can be selected with an eye to accenting or blending with your current home décor.

Today’s modern entertainment center can come with audio towers and television stands for even the largest screens. Choose from cabinets with glass or wooden doors, drawers and adjustable shelves for storing components. We offer modern TV furniture with convenient features to accommodate future expansion of your media equipment plus a growing collection of movies until you create the home theater entertainment center of your dreams.

Traditional style modern TV stands are generally of solid or veneered wood that compliment your other furniture. Transitional styles are simple and blend easily in a room due to their neutral hues. Rustic choices match country or cottage décor styles while the industrial style is all about its mechanical materials and sharp lines. A mission-inspired style of modern entertainment center or stand features beautiful carpentry and wood while a classic modern look may be of glass or metal with sleek, clean lines.

Be sure to measure your television carefully and properly before selecting a stand or entertainment center in which to house it. Your 60 inch television is not necessarily 60 inches wide. Manufacturers measure a TV’s width from top corner diagonally to bottom corner, regardless of any beveling on the set’s frame. A modern 30 inch TV in reality may be only 28 inches wide from one side of the frame to the other and so will fit a smaller stand that you might have chosen. Be sure to measure the depth of your TV as well so it will not overhang its housing. Be sure to include the base when measuring. Also be sure to check your choice’s weight capacity before final purchase.

Measure the room in which you keep your television in order to assure you are purchasing a fixture that is not too large for the space. Measure the specific spot where it will be for height, width and depth. Remember to also measure the distance you have between you and the unit when watching TV. When seated your line of sight should be level with the screen’s lower half, but never more than a foot lower. Be sure to allow the proper amount of space between viewers and the television set. The larger the set, the more distance you need to provide. For example, you should sit three to four feet from a 29-inch televisions but increase the distance to seven or eight feet for a 46-inch or larger screen.

Other options for television display include a variety of flat screen TV stands. By mounting your TV on the wall, valuable floor space is freed for other furniture pieces. These are great for those who want efficient function with no distractions from the images on the screen itself. The least expensive is the fixed wall mount that hangs the television on the wall as you would a painting. The swivel mount and full-motion mount work for flat or recessed walls and corner spaces. You can adjust the direction it faces and can pull the TV out from the wall. If all the movement you need is up or down, a tilting wall mount is the best choice. It provides easy installation and is great from televisions that must be hung high on a wall, like above the mantel of a fireplace.

Choose the display unit that will grow with your entertainment equipment. It is easier than ever to include your television in a room as a focal point of your style and décor.