Modern Mirrors

Modern Mirrors Are Practical As Well As Beautiful And Stylish

Your room is painted, the carpet is laid, and all the furniture is in place. The time has come to put the finishing style touches on the space that make it your own and reflect your personality and interests. As you add the accessories that accomplish this don’t neglect the carefully selected modern mirrors. Decorative mirrors add light and style to any room and come in an endless variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

Bathrooms naturally need a vanity mirror for personal grooming, preferably a lighted mirror. A large frameless mirror mounted directly over the vanity is the usual utilitarian choice but many others are available to suit more stylish and/or luxurious designs for today’s baths as soothing homes oases. Round bathroom mirrors with your choice of frame style are quite attractive and practical over pedestal sinks in smaller baths. A Venetian mirror makes a stunning addition to a luxurious spa bath with its richly decorated frame.

Urban lofts and industrial décor styles utilize natural materials such as wood, metal, bricks and the structural underpinnings of their buildings as part of the design in their living spaces. In one of these homes a vintage mirror makes a wonderful statement piece for any room in the home. Where color schemes abound in neutrals, grays, and even black and white, a stylish or bold and impressive black mirror makes a great focal point over a furniture grouping. An extremely large mirror (four to six feet in height) can become a statement wall all by itself.

In the master bedroom or dressing area full length mirrors are quite useful when dressing. It’s important to remember that a useful mirror doesn’t have to be plain. Consider a beautiful cheval floor model in warm walnut or polished cherry wood with elegant curves and oval glass. Add a modern touch of style in your bedroom  with a full length straight lined rectangle in white or black lacquer. Go for a contemporary look with a dramatic oval floor mirror.

Think outside the box when using mirrors as decorative accents in other rooms of the home. Large round mirrors are pleasing to the eye and come in many unique frame designs. Hung in an entryway over a Bombay table or a dining room over the buffet, these light-reflecting gems make exciting focal points. Finally, oval mirrors are suitable anywhere a mirror can be added, including bathrooms. Two of them hung over the double sinks in a vanity with wall sconces surrounding them make a lovely room. Don’t be afraid to hang an oval horizontally; using the length can make a small wall space appear longer. An oval or rectangular mirror hung at the end of a hallway makes it appear much longer.

Mirrors make the ultimate finishing touch as accent pieces for any room in your home. There are options for any style, shape, size and space so your choices are limited only by your imagination. Add beautiful sparkle to any living space by accenting it with modern mirrors.