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Some of the greatest inventions in the world are simple solutions to simple problems. These were amazingly simple inventions that solved universal yet basic problems for people in normal day to day living.

Some of the greatest inventions in the world are simple solutions to simple problems. These were amazingly simple inventions that solved universal yet basic problems for people in normal day to day living. In today’s interior home décor world, there are a lot of common inconveniences that can make decorating a little less appealing. Traditional wallpapers, for instance, are quite difficult to install. It’s a painstaking and messy affair and you’ll most likely end up getting covered in glue and chunks of paper afterwards. Removing them is even more problematic. It is exhausting and time consuming, with a lot of tedious steps involved. The apparent solution to such burdens is the Tempaper self-adhesive wallpaper.

New and Better Class of Wallpaper

Tempaper was created by set decorators in New York City after growing tired and frustrated with the difficulty of accessing temporary repositionable wallpaper. The product is a self-adhesive, "peel-and-stick", temporary wallpaper that makes the need for paste or water obsolete. No other tools and materials are also required in its application and removal effectively eliminating the most universal problem of inconvenience associated in the traditional wallpaper. It is essentially a giant sticker that rolls on flat like wallpaper and can be instantly peeled off and repositioned with relative ease.

Efficient Application/Removal

In terms of application, you just simply take away its backing to expose the adhesive then stick on an adequately smooth, primed, and painted surface. Surprisingly, removing it is even more care-free. You just simply peel it off directly and it will appropriately detach effortlessly without leaving any form of markings, damages, or residue on the surface unlike ordinary wallpapers. You can watch all the fascinatingly easy steps involved in the two processes in its exclusive assembly video.

Excellent Material Quality

Tempaper is a vinyl-coated self-adhesive wall décor with similar qualities and durability as permanent wallpaper. Its vinyl-coating makes it easy to clean and highly resistant to grease and moisture. Also, since it is a water-based product, its acrylic emulsion adhesive is impervious to the effects of humidity making it applicable in bathrooms or areas where there is steam or indirect moisture.

Advanced Manufacturing

Its printing process incorporates the traditional technique of gravure or intaglio copper plate engraving, a dry-trap printing method that delivers photographic quality, bright colors, superior color registration, and the best possible appearance, along with state of the art materials to establish an impressive classical look and feel to the finished product. It is made in the U.S.A. and sold in a roll of 20.5" w x 33' for a total of 56.37 square feet. There are plenty of stores that sell Tempaper in the US and Canada but you can also purchase directly from the Tempaper website or a registered online store. The product is FDA approved, lead and phthalate free, making it completely safe for domestic use.

Encouraging Change and Variety in Home Decor

It comes in a variety of exquisite patterns and styles with richly detailed textures and visual aspects manifested in its impressive line of designs like the stunning Tempaper Bela Midnight Wallpaper. Colorways and patterns are distributed on a seasonal basis to satisfy the current trends of the design industry and interior home décor. If you’re looking for something more exclusive, you can avail for gingerly created custom designs or send them a high-resolution digital image of you own design for printing. There is also the Tempaper by You, which is a self- adhesive, temporary, wall canvas for use with pens, pencils, markers, paint, crayons, so you can personally paint any design you want on your item. This feature provides people an inexpensive means to custom decorate their own space especially if they don’t have an actual repeat pattern in mind.

The Tempaper is a revolutionary product that embodies a straightforward “do it yourself” way of decorating with extra fun and satisfaction. Being temporary and repositionable with a reliable collection of growing style and patterns, the product encourages people to continuously modify and redecorate their living space through the passing of time. With its unique and innovative features, the Tempaper is ideal for a lot of people such as apartment occupants, visual merchandisers, kids with their naturally changing taste, and those who simply love to constantly alter the look and feel of their living space.

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