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Royal Teak Comfort Table - 63"

Royal Teak Comfort Table - 63"

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About the Brand

Royal Teak Collection™ is part of one of the largest manufacturers of Solid Teak and All-Weather Wicker in the world. Back in the 1800's, the Dutch started farming teak in large plantations on hilly dessert-like terrain on the island of Java, Indonesia. When the Indonesian government took production over they introduced the one tree down, two trees planted system, resulting in Indonesia becoming the biggest supplier of Grade A teak-timber from trees that have grown for at least 45 years. The teak furniture and timber industry dominates the island of Java, providing employment to hundreds of thousands of people.

Royal Teak Collection™ is kiln-dried and fully machine made with mortise and tenon joints for a tight fit. Only brass or stainless steel hardware are used. The high content of oil in the teak protects the furniture from the outdoor elements no matter what climate you live, ensuring a lifetime of enjoyment with the furniture. The high oil content is why teak is quoted for its durability and strength. The Teak is dense and when dry and combined with natural oils makes it very resistant to rot caused by fungal decay and is a natural repellant to termites and other insects.

However, not all teak is created equal. Several plantations in other regions of the world are not able to wait the 45 years to harvest the teak trees and consequently manufacture their furniture from teak with a much shorter life. Seven to fifteen years is the norm typically for these producers as the natural oils in the trees is not allowed to fully penetrate the wood. It is common to believe that if a person buys teak that they are set for a lifetime, but this is not always the case.

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Royal Teak Comfort Table - 63"


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The Royal Teak Comfort Table 63" is made from teak wood. The chairs are not included.
The Royal Teak Comfort Table 63" is made from teak wood. The chairs are not … Read More
The Royal Teak Comfort Table 63" is made from teak wood. The chairs are not included.
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  • Made of teakwood
  • Chairs are not included
  • Table Size: 63"


63" L x 35" W x 29.5" H