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Modern Lighting Illuminates And Sets The Mood Of Your Home

Modern lighting may be decorative, diffused, direct, ambient and multicolored but it is never boring. Intriguing fixtures and unique designs abound. Whimsical, bold or classic pendants and ceiling fixtures provide foyer lighting. A bold star pendant over a table or a soft wall sconce serves nicely as bedroom lighting. Dining room lighting ranges from dramatic chandeliers with silver strands streaming down from chrome rims to the elegant whimsy of umbrella chandeliers dripping crystal drops.
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Today's homeowner uses modern lighting to not only illuminate but to set the mood and personality of the home. Unique fixture designs and intriguing decor styles offer a wide variety of choices. Whether you want direct, ambient, decorative or diffused lighting in a particular room or space, you will find the fixture for your needs.

Ceiling mounted modern light fixtures offer illumination for large spaces in a variety of forms from chandeliers, pendants and island lights to ceiling scones and suspended lighting. Design choices range from sleek modern chrome and glass pendants to elegant classic crystal chandeliers. In between you will find bold star pendants, umbrella chandeliers in modern styles dripping crystal drops and floating rings of chrome and aluminum. In the kitchen modern pendant lighting spotlights your work areas with decorative style and precision.

Designed with artistic elements to compliment different furniture styles, modern table lamps come in many colors as well. Bases that light up or are made of glass to magnify the brightness of the lamp's light are available. Torchiere lamps highlight your attractive buffet. Add uniqueness and even a touch of whimsy with unusual lamps such as a school of free-handing fish, a light inside an old open electric fan and a coral table lamp. Illuminate specific seating or other areas while adding visual interest to your room with modern floor lamps. Some are adjustable, with curved arms. Others are torch lights, sending their light up and out for softer illumination.

Finish your home's lighting design with modern outdoor lighting on your porch or patio and by your doors. Add mood lighting around your patio with illuminated fiberglass planters and solar tea lanterns on your tables. Light up your entry with ceiling or wall lanterns in contemporary or traditional styles. Choose an attractive outdoor post light to illuminate your walkway.

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