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Modular outdoor furniture is a fantastic way to customize your furniture spaces to your needs. It gives you the flexibility to have your furniture when and where you need it. Every space and person is different, and you cannot always get the furniture you want in the room or place you want it. Modular furniture gives you the ability to customize and build around features that might ordinarily get in the way. Contrary to what many might think, modular furniture is actually not a new thing; but it is often overlooked. With such pieces, you can maximize space, and get the most out of a piece of furniture that is specifically tailored to you.

With its growing popularity, modular furniture is now made and sold today by many manufacturers. And if you are the type of person that prefers to stand out, not liking to own products that many others might have as well, we have the company just for you. La Fete Design indeed is for those very people, with a keen sense of style and taste and personality. It is a Los Angeles-based company specializing in modular modern outdoor furniture, noted for its striking sculptural pieces made from lightweight waterproof materials. Their lounges and resort beds are suitable for pool-side, lounges, clubs, roof gardens, spas, events and other outdoor venues.

La Fete Design Furniture is so beautifully designed and abstract that it can blend into any type of backyard and comfort setting. Durable, lightweight, and easy care maintenance features, make it ideal for restaurants, resort hotels and seaside properties. The unique designs employ proven patented technologies, recyclable materials for ergonomic comfort and easy care, making them ideal for hospitality and design-conscious homeowners.

La Fete Design Furniture Fits Every Space, Need and Function and is Easy to Mix and Match

If you have a space that has a strange shape or there is a feature (like a joist) that gets in the way when you are trying to arrange furniture, modular furniture can let you easily get around this. You can get a piece of furniture to layout around many different features, even going around corners. The Stand - Daybed Corner Ottoman by La Fete Design, for example,is a great piece to fill those awkward and empty corners. Think about the space you have and how you want to use it. The chances are La Fete Design Furniture will let you maximize this space easily and effectively.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that La Fete Design Furniture can offer you is that, once you have worked out where you want to place it, you can work out what it should include. Establish what the furniture will be used for and then you can start assigning pieces for its intended use. Before deciding on how a piece will look, think about how you will use it and this will let you develop a design with the best styling and functionality for your furniture.

La Fete Design Offers New Technologies for Added Benefits

Boasting a new concept for outdoor furniture, La Fete Design Furniture pieces feature modern, elegant, and sculpted lines – all ergonomically sealed. They are so fashionable that some of their pieces are a part of an award winning collection for design excellence. It is not a surprise then that their pieces have graced museums as garnered television and print coverage worldwide.. From couches, tables and chairs, down to their luxurious SUN PAD - Round Resort Bed by La Fete Design, La Fete has the products that fit your rare sense of style and vision. The unique choice of polymeric materials make La Fete Design Furniture pieces, with proprietary manufacturing processes that create weather-proof encasement. The marine-grade vinyl cover is stain, fungal and mildew resistant, and easily replaceable – for a new color scheme or freshening-up a damaged cover to restore a piece – making it perfectly suitable for hospitality, health care, child spaces, spas, stores and many more. Despite its looks, the chairs are actually soft and comfortable, making it safe for kids and seniors.

Whether you want gorgeous furniture surrounding your pool or sleek pieces for your lounge area, La Fete Design can form and fit all of your artistic needs and vision. Discover a new concept in outdoor living with their modular all-weather sculptural designs. La Fete Design provides a style that is becoming a new category in casual outdoor furniture segment. Not only is La Fete Design stunning, it is smart too.

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