Sofa beds often get just fair reviews from some modern home designers for their lackluster aesthetics and overall discomfort and space requirements; but these multi-functional furniture pieces offer real relief for people with relatively limited spaces like apartment dwellers, or to homeowners who expect guests from time to time. They also play an integral role in experiencing the genuine comfort, relaxation and convenience of living and thriving in today’s fast paced world. And contrary to popular belief, sofa beds or sleep sofas, as they are often referred to, will not necessarily “break” your back or even your pocketbook for that matter. You can actually find a number of decent looking and attractive sofa beds at reasonable prices that are available in the market today, if you know where to look, that is. Don’t know where or what to look for exactly? Try setting your sights on the authentic modern day exclusive designs available from Innovation sofa beds.

The Finest the Industry Has to Offer

Having done a lot of homework, including some serious window-shopping by designer/manufacturer online, we have yet to find a brand that meets Innovation’s price point while matching their excellence. If you’re looking for a superb sofa bed at an affordable price, you won’t find anything close to Innovation sofa beds in overall quality. These sleeper sofas are built to make a difference in one’s everyday life with clever designs that effectively fuse style, comfort, and functionality. Each single design is carefully engineered to maximize space while maintaining a clearly impressive look and feel.

Designed and developed by Innovation Living, a specialist design house and manufacturer of contemporary furniture. Established in Denmark in 1971, the company is well renowned for their range of exceptional multi-functional furniture and sofa bed products. In four decades of operation, they have enjoyed a reputation as one of the best, if not the best, manufacturer of high-quality sofa beds in the world. They also price their products reasonably and will happily replace damaged parts if necessary. Indeed, sofa beds are and will most likely continue to be at the heart of what they do. Needless to say they do this remarkably well!

They Work Perfectly as a Sofa or a Bed

Each model is effectively integrated with steel frames for durability and pocket sprung seats or sleep surfaces for comfort making them a reliable alternative for a warm, cozy bed. The products are also amazingly comfortable to sit on with layers of soft cushions gently supporting the entire back and thigh area and fabrics with smooth, rich textures that produce a pleasurable sensation to one’s touch. A lot of people have the impression that sofa beds are not completely comfortable as a sofa or a bed and they simply serve the purpose of being a sofa bed - a sort of hybrid furniture that gives partial satisfaction to both use. Innovation sofa beds, though, just do what they are intended for easy. They also hold their shape and form very well every time modified to either bed or sofa making them the ultimate sleepers.

Fits Great in Spaces

These products are designed to work effectively for your space. The company has designed these items to fit well in the spaces that sofa beds are normally employed in and they are only one of the few companies to ever do it. Their innovative Cubed Deluxe Sofa, for example, displays an extremely ingenious design that is very space efficient, utilizing a unique transformation mechanism that allows beautiful and effectively structured folding or segmentation for a more compact shape and size to fit effortlessly right in tight staircases and elevators and pass through awkward doors or doorways. It also doesn't bring in much weight so if you’re carrying one for relocation, you won’t feel a lot of stress in your arms. These are not your grandmothers “fold-away, weigh a ton” models, so no need to worry about moving them around.

A Design for Every Space and Use

Innovation seems to have created a sofa bed for every possible space and use there is. Their product line features loveseats that unfold to convenient double beds, armless sleeper sofas that maximize durability and seating space, ideal for entertaining large numbers of guests. The Unfurl Sofa design, chaise styles like the Zeal Deluxe Daybed for an instant nap at work, or modular sofa beds, particularly the Dublexo Deluxe Sofa allow you to change things up in a fun and unique way. For exclusive luxury in comfort and space, they also have queen size sleeper sofas like the Cassius Sleek Excess Loungerthat invite you to tuck in and curl up nicely to a good late night movie in a generously wide area and play host to out-of- town guests when it folds down to a queen sized bed.

Plenty of Options to Choose From

The majority of these products are also available in multiple fabric options. You can choose from a variety of different types from neutral to bright colors and even faux leathers. There are also several designs like the Reloader Slip Excess Sofa and Reloader Slip Sofa and Cushion Cover with slip covers that can be easily detached and changed for a more diverse look and feel and for easier cleaning as well. In addition to multiple design and fabric options, they also come in an extensive array of styles to suit any taste. There are modern, classic, modern-classic, mid-century, sleek, old school chesterfield, trendy , clean and neat, and a lot more refreshing varieties with contemporary multi-functional and modular features carefully integrated to enhance their general use.

Unmatched quality and functionality in an economical price point has made Innovation sofa beds a long established brand around the world. Along with reliable features that make everyday living exclusively comfortable and convenient for people, they also come in an impressive collection of chic styles and practical designs that work well in almost any space and use possible. What more is there to say? They simply bring the perfect sofa and bed experience into one! Get yours today!

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