The Home Furniture and Patio catalog has many styles, looks and types of aluminum and wicker outdoor furniture to choose from. While this helps ensure that you get a piece of furniture that not only looks great it can also make the decision a more difficult one.

  • Are there are alternatives to aluminum framed wicker outdoor furniture?
  • Should you choose resin or rattan wicker furniture?
  • Do you want a single chair or a wicker patio set?

These are all questions you should ask yourself before choosing the ideal piece or set of outdoor furniture.

Aluminum And Wicker Outdoor Furniture

The majority of wicker chairs and tables, whether they be rattan wicker furniture resin wicker outdoor furniture, use aluminum as their frame. Aluminum is very hard wearing and strong while being affordable and good looking. It will withstand exposure to the elements including rain and the sun, and with an added layer of powder coating it become almost impervious even to scratches and bumps that patio furniture can be subjected to regularly.

Rattan Wicker Furniture

The major consideration when choosing outdoor furniture is whether to opt for wicker rattan furniture, made with natural fibers, or resin wicker outdoor furniture which is created using synthetic materials. Plant based rattan wicker furniture offers a more traditional look but it will require more care and maintenance in order to ensure that it enjoys a full and long life. Rattan wicker furniture should be brought in at the end of summer in order to protect it from the rain, frost, snow, and ice.

Wicker Resin Patio Furniture

In contrast, wicker resin patio furniture is often referred to as being all-weather wicker furniture. The synthetic material used in the construction of resin wicker outdoor furniture is designed specifically so that it can endure any weather condition. It will not discolor or lose its color when left out in the sun and it will not degrade, rust, or otherwise lose its looks or integrity in the rain, ice, or frost. Wicker resin patio furniture is even designed and finished so that it is more resistant to scratching and bumping caused by regular use.

Single Pieces Or Patio Furniture Sets?

Wicker furniture was once considered a lifetime investment and in many cases it would be passed down from generation to generation. The craftsmanship involved in weaving the furniture, especially in plant based rattan wicker furniture made it a real achievement. With modern wicker furniture, some of the old weaving processes remain but longer lasting materials and improved processes used in the rest of the manufacturing process mean that you can purchase complete sets of wicker patio furniture in virtually every color and style imaginable. The Home Furniture and Patio website offers designed single pieces as well as complete sets and, what's more, you can choose between traditional or contemporary styles so that you can enjoy exactly the look you want.

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