An entertainment center is an integral part of today’s modern home to accommodate electronic audio and visual components typically as part of a home theater system. Choosing the right entertainment center for your home depends on many factors, like you home’s design style, room location, items to store, and available space. Entertainment centers range from simple TV stands to elaborate cabinets and built-in wall units. You can even order a customized one especially made for your specific requirements.

Of course, entertainment centers need to beyond just functionality, particularly in these times where homeowners have seemingly become more selective with the pieces that they furnish their homes with. If you are looking for a brand that offers a mix of functionality and style, B-Modern is the one. The brand believes that entertainment centers are the soul of any home. It is where you can let loose and unwind, where memories are made and smiles become commonplace. Why not make this part of your home special? This is what B-Modern is all truly about.

Trend Setting Innovative Designs

B-Modern offers unique and functional entertainment solutions. With innovative designs, their products are a site to behold in any space. Their entertainment concept pieces are made up of straight lines, single colors, geometric shapes, high gloss finishes and elegant accents. Taking entertainment design to a whole new level, their inspiration comes from a modernistic approach to design, architecture and art. In order to appreciate modern furniture, B-Modern believes in studying the past, and finding the roots of contemporary design. Their designs should be a stunning addition today’s contemporary homes, while offering all the storage needs required.

Quality Craftsmanship

From precision channel and dovetail drawers to full suspension ball bearing glides on all drawers, these pieces are built to withstand the test of time. Attention to detail allows B-Modern to consistently produce beautiful furniture. Craftsmanship and artistry skills combine to produce details like elaborate patterns and hand-rubbed patina finishes. The makers behind these products dedicate a considerable amount of time and talent to make sure that they will not only end up with a stylish piece, but one that will last and grace homes for a very long time. The brand stands behind their products, providing a warranty on their furniture pieces.

Commercial Grade Stainless Steel and Exotic Wood Veneers

Stainless steel has a very attractive appearance because of its appealing luster, making it ideal for contemporary furniture both inside and outside. It is also light and durable. B-Modern entertainment center’s stainless steel components will remain beautiful as the first day you have brought it home for many years to come and will not bend out of shape, crack or get moldy. Antibacterial properties is another advantage of these entertainment centers, making it hygienic and easy to clean. Also, stainless steel is environmentally friendly; it is 100% recyclable and has virtually no harmful effects on the environment.

Exotic wood veneers are the standard at B-Modern. Exotic hardwoods can be expensive and hard to sustainably invest. It only makes sense them to use real wood veneer a part of your woodworking process. With the use of veneer, you can achieve the look and feel of exotic hardwoods that are rate and expensive at only a fraction of the cost, while leaving more out there for the rest of the world to use, as well. Also, with exotic wood veneers, you are faced with endless possibilities that come from various matching techniques. B-Modern can create the most impressive patterns by the various ways they can sort veneer panels, like the mix in the ESQUIRE - LIGHT WALNUT / WHITE TV STAND by B-Modern. This cannot be done with solid wood; only with wood

Soft Closing Cabinet Doors and Drawers and High-Tech Infrared Friendly Glass

Soft-close is a mechanism that slows the close of a door or drawer as it is closed. The door or drawer is pushed back normally, and it will slow down immediately and close gradually and silently. With the soft-closing doors and cabinets of B-Modern, no longer will you hear slamming doors, which should come in handy if you have children or pets. This will also prevent fingers from being slammed in doors. Soft-close will also help with the maintenance and longevity of your kitchen, as it will give less stress on the hinges and hinge plates over the years, extending the lives of the doors and drawers of your entertainment centers. The drawers in the PUBLISHER - WHITE TV STAND by B-Modern have this feature.

Having high-tech infrared friendly glass allows your remote signal to pass through without reflection. This means that you can safety store your home theater components like DVD players and game consoles inside closed doors, while still having the ability to operate it without having to open the glass doors. With this, you can keep your components safe from dust, moisture, children and pets, without losing the ability to control them.

Sustainable Sourcing

Designing sustainable solutions means creating products that are durable, long-lasting and a smart investment for you. By creating more substance with less material, B-Modern entertainment centers deliver elegantly-bold design while saving forest, based resources. Their panels showcase the power of sustainability – produced with recycled content and meeting low emission requirements. B-Modern’s use of commercial grade stainless steel and exotic wood veneers are further testaments of their willingness to aid in the preservation of the environment for the same of the future generations.

Modern living rooms usually have home theater systems that deliver enjoyable cinematic experience in the comfort of your home. Although many television sets already come with integrated DVD players and receivers that save on living room space, it is always a good idea to invest in a proper entertainment center that houses TV and media. A good entertainment center is functional and saves valuable floor space as it eliminates clutter – something that B-Modern entertainment centers can offer. Bring one to your home today!

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