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Dream PID Programmable Home Espresso Machine - (Anthracite) - Lifestyle

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About the Brand

More than 40 years in the espresso world...

Jesœs Ascaso was born in a humble mountain town in the north of Spain. He was a man with an entrepreneurial spirit and the town offered him little opportunity. As a result he left for Barcelona with the equivalent of $30 in his pocket and a head full ideas.

In the fifties the espresso machine started to become popular in Spain and the rest of Europe and in Barcelona this popularity led to a flourishing industry. In 1950 Jesus Ascaso began work for a supplier of spare parts for espresso machines, chrome-plating parts. It was hard work. 1952-1962 Jesus Ascaso worked on the production line at Gaggia making espresso parts for consumer espresso machines throughout the world.

Other coffee machine manufacturers entered the market. Providing original spare parts was expensive and exclusive and the market continued to grow at a fast rate. Jesœs Ascaso decided to supply all brands of spare parts to the entire market at lower prices. This idea led him in 1962 to open his own company in Barcelona, Spain.

There he met someone who would introduce him to enough distributors/technicians to keep the company going from 1966 onwardsÉ he used to carry 4 different gaskets and 3 different filter holders with him in a black suitcase

In 1962 Jesus Ascaso started his own business to produce and distribute spare parts for espresso machinesÉ Nowadays, Ascaso sells it products to more than 50 countries in the world and continues with its expansion creating new divisions of business as the manufacturer of espresso machines

Jesus Ascaso, the founder'son, is the author of the diversification of Ascaso Factory in the last 10 years. He created a espresso coffee factory for to unify his knowledge in the world of the components and the coffee machines with the espresso culture. . For coffee lovers was born.

Now, the idea is a reality :a range of coffee machines for homes and offices with a especial design and a professional concept.

Today Jesus Ascaso's father works in the factory six months a year. The other six months he lives in the town he left over 50 years ago, taking care of his tomatoes and honey.

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Ascaso imini Flat Burr Coffee Grinder - 54MM


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Ascaso imini Flat Burr Coffee Grinder - 54MM
Ascaso imini Flat Burr Coffee Grinder - … Read More
Ascaso imini Flat Burr Coffee Grinder - 54MM
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  • Ascaso imini Flat Burr Coffee Grinder - 54MM


10" W x 13.5" H x 13.5" D




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