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Accent and Decor

The Finishing Touches For Your Home Are Modern Accents And Decor

The finishing touches to a well-dressed home interior are its modern accents and d├ęcor highlights. Unique or dramatic mirrors, beautiful pieces of wall art, richly designed rugs and colorful or whimsical throw pillows make outstanding furniture accents. Home interior accents such as area rugs, lamps and other lighting fixtures highlight your home's color scheme. Interesting clocks; a variety of baskets; and wooden, wicker or metal magazine racks all provide useful as well as decor accents.
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A well-dressed home has more than furniture in its rooms. It has modern accents and decor pieces carefully chosen to compliment your furniture, support your design style and reflect the personalities and interests of you and your family. Home Furniture and Patio offers a plethora of beautiful, attractive, creative and unique home accents to compliment any modern interior design.

Home decor ideas for adding finishing touches to your living room decor as well as every room in your home abound. We offer eye-catching and useful furniture accents. These include coat racks, curio displays, folding screens, room dividers,magazine racks, ottomans and poufs plus pet beds. Wall decorations range from the cleanly simple to the warmly elegant in unique, dramatic and eye-catching mirrors, clocks, wall sconces and artwork.

We have all the room decor ideas you'll need to create the look you want for your home, whether you prefer mid-century modern, contemporary, industrial, rustic, classic, or a formal and ornate in style. An oversized mirror in bright silver leaf with clean lines over a contemporary white leather couch paired with a glass-topped coffee table resting on a bold area rug in vivid colors and geometric shapes creates a great modern living area. Add design touches like a pair of nickel candleholders; attractive bookends, and vases; and a set of photo frames for displaying family pictures. Finish it off with one of Doug Bloodworth's photorealism canvases as your room's focal point.

Add complimentary or contrasting colors to any room through the addition of your favorite stylish pillows and rugs. Create visual interest with your favorite pieces chosen from our collection of artwork. Decor accents are the "paint" you use to decorate the "canvas" of your home.

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